School Board

The St. Francis/ Holy Ghost School Board acts in an advisory role to the Pastor and Principal.  The School Board is composed of members of each of the four Parishes of Jersey County.  There are nine members from St. Francis Xavier and Holy Ghost parishes and one each from St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s.  The Board develops, proposes and recommends policies that govern the operation of the school in accordance with guidelines set by the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.  The Board is empowered to cooperate and collaborate with the principal and to support the work of administering and leading the school.  However, the Board has no role with respect to the hiring, evaluation or termination of teachers.

Our Board is comprised of parent and non-parent members.  Our members have a breadth of community involvement and expertise in the areas of finance, technology, development, construction, marketing and strategic planning.  Each of these areas has a committee that reports to the Board.  All of our committees welcome and encourage new members.  Please contact the Committee Chair directly to express your interest.  Your involvement can only make us stronger.