Welcome St. Francis/Holy Ghost School Alumni! The alumni at St.Francis/Holy Ghost School are very important to our school. We invite you to sign up for the Alumni Registry. By completing the form you will receive our annual newsletter. This will help us to keep you informed on what’s going on currently in the school as well as any future Alumni events. We are sure you have many memories of friendship and fun from your days at SF/HG. Please stay in touch.

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We cherish the presence of our esteemed alumni in the St. Francis/Holy Ghost School community. Your connection holds a special place in our hearts, and we extend a warm invitation for you to join our Alumni Registry. By simply filling out this form, you'll automatically become a recipient of our annual newsletter. This newsletter serves as a valuable resource to keep you updated on the current happenings at the school, along with any upcoming alumni events.

We're confident that your time at SF/HG has left you with countless cherished memories of friendship and fun. Please, let's stay in touch and continue nurturing the special bond you have with our school. Your involvement and ongoing support mean the world to us.

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Alumni News

Terri Allen Taake, 1970 SF/HG Alumna
Jersey’s Terri Allen Taake Headed to Quincy Hall of Fame
The Telegraph, February 2019

Keelie Stork, 2014 SF/HG Alumna
Alton/Godfrey Rotary Club Honors Keelie Stork as Student of the Year
RiverBender.com, June 2018