Tuition Information

St. Francis/Holy Ghost Tuition:

$3,950 per family for parish members (subject to change)

Non-parishioner tuition rate is 1 child—$5,150 | 2 children—$8,750 (subject to change)

Payment Options:

Everyone must sign up with FACTS for tuition.  If you pay in full through FACTS of in the office by the date decided (determined each year), the $38.00 fee is waived. The Student Fees of $295.00 are included in your monthly payments. There is a fee for using your credit card for payment.

Registration Fees: (subject to change)

$295     Student Fees Per Child

$38       FACTS Management Fee

$15        Athletic Club Fee for participants only

Classroom Fee:

To make a donation to your child(ren)’s classroom go to  Then, type in the teacher’s name on the search page.