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Dr. Dennis Cramsey



Faith – Academics – Service

I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School that is inspiring students to flourish in the Catholic traditions of FAITH and SERVICE while fostering ACADEMIC success.

I am originally from Quincy, IL, where I attended St. Dominic’s Catholic School through the 8th grade. At that time, St. Dominic School was a part of the St. Francis Solanus parish where I regularly served as an altar boy for the 6 a.m. Mass and was a member of the Young Franciscans. My wife, Ginger, has family roots in Jersey County. For 20 years, Mrs. Cramsey has been a Kindergarten and 1st-grade teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Wood River.

Ginger and I recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary; only possible by keeping God in the center of our relationship. We were blessed to be given the opportunity to raise three wonderful sons, Lucas, Cameron, and Caden. We are also very proud grandparents of five precious grandchildren who bring us endless happiness and laughter and keep us young at heart.

I have dedicated myself to the field of education for thirty-four years. In that time, I have worked with a variety of students, staff, and families from various backgrounds ranging from 6th through 12th grades. After a year of substitute teaching, I taught physical education and science at Wilbur Trimpe Junior High in Bethalto for eleven years. I had the opportunity to continue to serve in a new capacity as an assistant principal at Edwardsville Middle School for three years. During that time, a new middle school was being constructed. I served as the inaugural principal of Liberty Middle School in Edwardsville for eight years. For the past nine years, I have served the students, faculty, and staff and parents of Edwardsville High School as the principal.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northeast Missouri State University (Truman State University) in 1983. As a believer in life-long learning, I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1999. I continued to study Educational Administration with a focus on Educational Leadership at SIUE; earning my Specialist Degree in 2012 and my Doctorate in Education in 2014.

My leadership style is one that values the contributions of its members, encourages shared responsibilities, and prioritizes service to others. I classify myself as a servant leader and strive to put the needs of my students, families, teachers, and church community above my own.

My commitment to you is to prioritize all members of the St. Francis/Holy Ghost School community and parishes, to walk in my faith daily, to honor our traditions and to continue on the path of greatness that has been paved through the unwavering commitment and dedication of current and past faculty and staff and our pastors, Fr. Hyland Smith and Fr. Marty Smith.

I look forward to working with you as a team to inspire each student at St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School to grow their FAITH, attain excellence in ACADEMICS and foster an attitude of SERVICE to others.

Respectfully Yours in Christ,

Dr. Dennis Cramsey

Megan Mahoney-Deist

Pre-K 3


BS Psychology, Central Michigan University

MS Mental Health Wellness, Grand Canyon University

SF/HG since 2019

Married with three children

Alyssa Newell

Pre-K 4


BS Elementary Education, Greenville University

SF/HG since 2018

Previously worked in the Alton school district

Married to Kyle, two children, Mila and Lola

Melessia Jones

PreK Classroom Assistant


Mindy Marshall

PreK Classroom Assistant


Paraprofessional Substitute JCUD 100 –2013-2019

SF/HG since 2019

Widow with one child, Marley

Lisa Youngblood

PreK Classroom Assistant


Attended Lewis and Clark Community College

SF/HG since 2014

Married to Scott with six children

Andrea Isringhausen



BS Elementary Education, Lindenwood University

SF/HG since 2008

Previously taught in the Ferguson-Florissant School District

Married with two children who attend Marquette HS

Lauren Robinson



Patty Goetten

Kindergarten Classroom Assistant


SF/HG since 2019

Barbie McCormick

First Grade


BS Elementary Education, Greenville University

SF/HG since 2016

Previously taught in Alton

Married with three children

Katie Price

First Grade


Kaitlyn Gray

First Grade Assistant


Amanda Koenig

First Grade Assistant


Melissa Yates

Second Grade


BS Elementary Education, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

MS Education, Southern IL University-E

SF/HG since 1993

Married with 3 sons, 3 step-children and 3 grandchildren

Susan Ayres

Second Grade


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University –E

SF/HG since 1992

Married with two children

Ashleigh Frazier

Second Grade Classroom Assistant


Tammi Kettenbach

Third Grade


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University-E

SF/HG since 2001

Previously taught at St. Mary’s, Brussels, IL

Married with two children and one grandchild

Tonya Shively

Third Grade


BS Elementary Education, University of Missouri-Columbia

SF/HG since 2000

Previously taught in Missouri

Married with three children

Lisa Evans

Fourth Grade


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University-E

SF/HG since 2004

Married to Peter, with three children, all SF/HG Alumni

Emily Wittman

Fourth Grade


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University-Carbondale

SF/HG since 2017

Previously taught at St. Ambrose, Godfrey

Married with three children, SF/HG Alumna

Vicky Maag

Fifth Grade


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University-E

SF/HG since 1999

Married with two children, Clancy and Kenna

Jackie Schnettgoecke

Fifth Grade


BS Elementary Education, Greenville University

SF/HG since 2017

SF/HG Alumna

Shelby Beatty

Sixth Grade


BS Elementary Education, Greenville University

SF/HG since 2019

Previously taught at North Green & St. Mary’s, Brussels

Married with one son

SF/HG Alumna

Carolyn Meisner

Sixth Grade


Chris Mattis

Seventh – Eighth Grade Math Teacher


BS Elementary Education, Eastern IL University

SF/HG since 1991

Previously taught at Holy Ghost School

Two children and one grandchild

Melissa Poletti

Seventh – Eighth Grade Literature Teacher


BS Elementary Education, Western Kentucky University, Middle School Endorsement,  Greenville University

SF/HG since 2019

Previously taught at St. John’s, Carrollton and All Saints Academy, Breese, IL

Married with three children

Marissa Griffith

Seventh – Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher


BS Elementary Education, Southern IL University-E

MS Curriculum and Instruction, Rockford College

SG/HG since 1999

Married to Dylan, with three children, Keegan, Nola & Vada

SF/HG Alumna

Katie Forrester

Seventh – Eighth Grade English Teacher


BS Elementary Education, Eastern IL University

SF/HG since 2008

Married to Brian, with four children, Holly, Graden, Keith and Audra

SF/HG Alumna

Kimberly Schieler

Seventh – Eighth Grade Science Teacher


Jen Gibson

Technology Teacher/Director


BS Organizational Leadership, Greenville University

MS in Education, Greenville University

SF/HG since 2013

Married with two children

Melissa Kimble

PE Teacher


BS Southern IL University-Edwardsville

SF/HG since 2002

Married with four children and three grandchildren

Cynthia Hampton

Latchkey Director


Jennifer Fink

Secretary – St. Francis Site


SF/HG since 2017

Member of Holy Ghost Church

Married to David, with three children, all SF/HG alumni

SF/HG Alumna

Janet Williams

Secretary – Holy Ghost Site


SF/HG since 2002

Married with one son

Member of St. Francis Xavier Church

St. Francis School Alumna

Charles Ross

Head Custodian


Melissa Jones

SF Day Custodian


SF/HG since 2002

Two children, Brendan and Lindsey, both SF/HG alumni

Tim Hill

HG Day Custodian