Adopt a Classrooom

In past years, classroom teachers have asked for a classroom fee to support and fund many of the extra things that are used in the classroom. We are no longer requesting classroom fees. This year, through a matching program with the Tracy Family Foundation, we have partnered with to raise funds to support many of the extra things needed in our classrooms.

Transparency and accountability are important to us, so we’re collecting donations through Each teacher who has a classroom registered will send out a communication to their students’ parents requesting your support as well. You will be kept apprised of how your donation is being used as teachers purchase supplies, equipment, and other classroom resources.

Your tax-deductible donation, big or small, will help us purchase the resources our students deserve, so they can dream big and succeed.

If you would prefer to mail your gift, please use this form.

To make a donation online follow the links below for your students’ teacher, or use the search form on

Mrs. Newell – PreK 4
Mrs. Deist – PreK 3
Mrs. Isringhausen – K
Miss Robinson – K
Mrs. McCormick – 1st
Mrs. Price – 1st
Mrs. Yates – 2nd
Mrs. Kettenbach – 3rd
Mrs. Shively – 3rd
Miss Evans – 4th
Mrs. Wittman – 4th
Miss Schnettgoecke – 5th
Ms. Meisner – 6th
Mrs. Beatty – 6th
Mrs. Forrester – 7th & 8th
Mrs. Gibson – 7th & 8th
Mrs. Poletti – 7th & 8th
Mrs. Griffith – 7th & 8th
Mrs. Kimble – PE