St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School relies on the support of parishioners, parents, and alumni to help bridge the gap between tuition income and the total operating budget of the school. You can support the school by volunteering your time, contributing your resources, and participating in our many fundraising activities.

Volunteer Program

At St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School, we hold our volunteers in high regard, considering them as truly valuable assets to our community. We warmly invite parents, grandparents, and other individuals to actively participate in our classrooms, programs, and extracurricular activities. If you have the time or skills to offer, we encourage you to reach out to our office, as your contributions can significantly enhance the educational experience for our students.

To ensure the safety of our children, we have a few important requirements for all volunteers. These measures are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. 

Background Check

All volunteers must consent to a background check.

CMG Connect

All volunteers are required to have completed the CMG Connect program (formally Protecting God's Children). If you have not completed this requirement, set up an account and complete the course.

Social Media Policy

Volunteers must carefully read and sign a verification form regarding the Social Media policy set by the Diocese of Springfield.


Upon arrival, volunteers will be asked to sign in and wear proper identification provided by the office.

Parish School Collection

We kindly request you to contemplate making consistent contributions to St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School through the use of your school envelope. Your generous donation plays a pivotal role in assisting our parishes in meeting their monthly school subsidy obligations. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in sustaining our educational mission.

Legacy Gift

Making a legacy gift to support St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School is an incredibly personal statement that reinforces what the school has meant to an individual. Please remember our school in your estate planning.


St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School organizes a variety of fundraising events to provide financial support for the school.

Scrip Program

The SCRIP program is the C.B.C.’s gift card fundraising program. It is another way to help defray the cost of tuition. The SCRIP program does not cost any additional money to the purchaser. It is the only fundraiser that gives families dollar for dollar returns.