I am very proud of our students as they exhibited a high level of math knowledge through this competition.  We are always looking for creative ways for our students to learn.  The Sumdog competition did just that as well as provided data to show how our students are faring among their peers at a national level.

This past week 1st-4th grade students at St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School, Jerseyville, IL, participated in a National Sumdog competition where 22,158 students from all over the country participated. Sumdog questions are embedded into games, with different games for different learning styles – racing games, cooking games, flying games. Sumdog is all about personalizing the experience for each child. The questions adapt to meet the student where they are while letting them play with friends, a robot or kids from across the world. Our students fared exceptionally well while some testing in the top 1% of the national competition. Below are the students who scored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their class, each completing the competition ranked in the top 10% nationally and additional students who finished in the top 10% nationally.

Other Students that scored in the top 10%

Layne Goetten  2052

Quinn Wittman  1017

Maddy Cronin  1024

-Dr. Dennis Cramsey, Principal