As we set tuition each school year, we have three goals: ensure that we have the resources necessary to continue delivering an outstanding Catholic education to our children; keep the education we provide affordable for our families relative to area Catholic schools; and to ensure our Catholic school is financially stable.

We have simplified our tuition structure for the 2024-2025 school year by developing a Tiered Family Tuition Plan. We are excited to present a one-cost tuition based on the number of enrolled children in your family with no additional student fees.

Please review the new Tiered Family Tuition Plan for the 2024-2025 school year below.

Tiered Parish Family Tuition

1 Child - $5,250
2 Children - $5,600
3 Children - $5,950

Tiered Non-Parishioner Family Tuition

1 Child - $6,640
2 Children - $10,450


At least one parent (or financially responsible party) is required to create and maintain an active account with FACTS. A monthly service fee is added to monthly payments. If you pay in full, the fee is waived.

Parish Contributions

It is important to understand that tuition funds only about 50% of our total operational costs. Our parishes are instrumental in keeping tuition costs more affordable for you as each parish provides a monthly subsidy of $3150 per year to every parish family. The generous parish contribution covers approximately 26% of our total operational costs. The parishioner rate is for families who are active members of the Holy Ghost, St. Francis Xavier, St. Mary’s Westwood or St. Patrick’s-Grafton Parishes. Your tuition rate is discounted from that of a non-parishioner because your family tuition is subsidized by your church. Weekly attendance at Mass and use of church envelopes is an expectation of receiving this discounted rate.


Parish and school fundraising also plays an important role in offsetting tuition costs. The remaining 24% of the revenue needed to operate our school comes from fundraisers, such as HarvestFest and the Knights of Columbus Dinner Auction, and donations. Your commitment to work shifts during HarvestFest ensures our biggest fundraiser is successful and, ultimately, saves each family approximately $1000 per year in tuition costs. Support of our fundraising efforts through your attendance, participation, and volunteering is very important.