Welcome to St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic Little Knights Pre-Kindergarten Program. We are excited and consider it an honor to help your child learn and grow. Little Knights Pre-Kindergarten Program will provide an environment that will be comforting, safe, and promote positive interactions. We will adapt our teaching to each child’s individual abilities. Our programs strengthen the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills to prepare the students for their school career.

We look forward to partnering with you to prepare your students for kindergarten.

Faith Formation & School Preparation

Developmental Elements

An important focus of our program is on your child’s faith formation through bible stories and learning prayers for multiple purposes. Additionally, our Pre-Kindergarten Program is based on four essential developmental elements.

Physical – gross motor, fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development
Social – development of self and how you relate to others
Emotional – feelings about self, your personality, and temperament
Cognitive – thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, and learning

Pre-K 3 Year Old Program

3 Half Days 5 Half Days 3 Full Days 5 Full Days
Monthly $174.42Monthly $290.70Monthly $339.15Monthly $484.50

For Pre-K 3, we will accommodate any combination of a minimum of 3 days of attendance with full and or half days up to 5 full days.

Pre-K 4 Year Old Program

5 Half Days 1 Full Day
+ 4 Half Days
2 Full Days
+ 3 Half Days
3 Full Days
+ 2 Half Days
4 Full Days
+ 1 Half Day
5 Full Days
Monthly $290.70Monthly $314.93Monthly $339.15Monthly $387.60Monthly $436.05Monthly $484.50

For Pre-K 4, students must attend 5 days per week in any combination of full and/or half days.