Dr. Dennis Cramsey

Welcome to St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic Church

We are a family that experiences spiritual growth through academic excellence and service opportunities. Embedded in the rich traditions of Catholic education, St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School is dedicated to growing disciples of Christ.

Our Catholic faith is integrated into every aspect of learning. We strive to empower students to emulate Christ; becoming compassionate leaders who make a positive impact in their communities. St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School students and faculty are called to embody the values of love, respect, and service. Our dedicated faculty challenge our students to think critically, collaborate effectively, and embrace lifelong learning while experiencing a rigorous academic program and engaging in service experiences.

As a faith-filled community, we pray together, serve together and sacrifice together as we grow spiritually to become more like Christ each day. Prayer is an integral act of our spiritual growth as is Mass attendance. Above all, we are a Catholic school embracing the law of Christ and His church.

St. Francis/Holy Ghost Catholic School's only reason for existing is to teach our students the Catholic faith as revealed in our Lord Jesus Christ and the love that He has for them and how they are called to live in that love as disciples. Everything else is secondary.

Come join us on our journey!

God bless,

Dr. Dennis Cramsey