Our Mission

To graduate students who are prepared spiritually and academically in the 21st century.

Principal Goben

The choice of a Catholic Education is an indication that your parents seek the best.  People are aware that students in Catholic Schools have an all-around higher standard to abide by.  Also, teaching based on Christian values will strengthen our students’ ability to cope in today’s chaotic world.  We have been told many times how well our students behave and how Christ-like they act.

Our dedicated teachers, discipline, and moral guidance are vital in a successful education program.  Another key ingredient that is essential to achieve the excellence of St. Francis / Holy Ghost School is you, our parents, grandparents, alumni, community, and all our supporters.  We are in constant awe of al the support we have received and continue to receive.  We count all of you as treasures.  We exist for you, but could not exist without you.  Your continued commitment will help us continue to see the special achievements in the mental and spiritual growth of our students.

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